Beloved NFSA friends,It has passed 6 months since I left Japan and started my new life here in Pittsburgh, USA. Life has been great here !! I had the experience to live in a place that during the winter the temperature is about -20C … probably people who lived in Hokkaido (Yuki, Naomi, Ryoko) know how is to live in such a could place. But, surprisingly I liked 🙂 !! To see snow and everything white … makes my wonder that there are so many things that I still want to experience, things that I don’t even know that exist. 

About my professional life I have no complaints, maybe just too much work :-P. Carnegie Mellon university is a dream. In terms of personnel, I’m really impressed with the number of great researchers they have here. They are really starts. It seems that everyone is smarter than me. Some people would be depressed because of that, but I think if I am surrounded of people smarter than myself, I will also become smarter. It is the osmosis effect :-), So, I keep pushing myself to learn more and faster.
Also here at university they have a gym inside the campus with everything, pool, machines, aerobic classes, and etc. We also have movies, free food and extra activities almost every friday, saturday and sunday, so, you can live inside campus !!
About my personal life I also have no complains, I managed to make many friends here and all of them are awesome. Although I will always miss you guys 🙂 !  Food here is also a temptation!! Especially because it is not health ….heheheh .. hamburgers, big fries, ice cream, chocolate, hummmm …. it is just impossible to ignore … I’m sure I got some weight since I got here, but that’s why I keep going to the gym ….heheheh 🙂 !!
I hope you are well and enjoying your life. I know that some of you just graduated and the new generation is NFSA scholars have join us. I wish all the best to all of you.