It is incredible how time flies like an arrow … a year has passed! I still can feel Japan in my veins. I miss the train stations, delicious food, amazing friends, sakuras, hanamis and all the history that only Japan can provide. It is a mix of emotions. I know that I couldn’t stay in Japan since my commitment has been to study hard and go back to my country to make it better. But at the same time, I feel sad that I left Japan. And now I know more than ever what the word Nikkei means and represent. It is much much more than just Japanese blood. I believe that being a Nikkei is to carry Japan in your heart whatever you go. I learned that with my NFSA friends that now are spread around the world. And I am sure that all of them are having great success! I believe in each one of them and I have faith in their skills as leaders and as entrepreneurs.

I left Japan to continue my career as a researcher. I’m still working at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. But, my plan is to go back to Brazil (it will happen sometime next year). I am working day and night for that. It been crazy this past year.
I worked as I never had before. I put my evaluation bars on the very top and I’m happy to say that I am almost reaching it. After a year of hard work, what I’ve been planting starts to produce fruitful results. In japan the Nippon Foundation sponsored my studies on the field of computers in education. And here in US I pursuing the same path, but focusing on understanding how kids learn math with support of advanced learning technologies. Hopefully I will bring some good news for you in the future. My laboratory friends are also amazing. They are always doing something extraordinary.
My personal life couldn’t be better. I am engaged!! Yes! Nobody believe but geeks also love !!! My soul mate is living in Brazil though. I learned that real love can overcome the need of “flesh” … you know what I mean! 🙂  . I will be marry soon and all of my friend from NFSA are invited.
I hope I can hear from you too !! Miss you all.
Seiji Isotani
NFSA 3rd generation