Q: I cannot speak Japanese, but can I apply for the scholarship?


A: Yes. If you like, you can learn Japanese at a Japanese language school after you have come to Japan. Even in that case, you will need to have language ability equivalent to around the level of the third grade of the Japanese proficiency exam.




Q: I have no written informal acceptance by an institution, but can I still apply for the scholarship?


A: Yes. Please decide on an institution for studying by the time you arrive in Japan. If this is impossible, you can take an entry exam or negotiate the entry directly with an institution and decide on an institution for studying by the end of March 2011



Q: I cannot complete the application forms in Japanese.


A: You may fill out the forms in your local language.



Q: Can a resident in Japan apply?


A: Any Nikkei citizen of a country in Central and South America regions can apply, regardless of where he/she resides.



Q: Is a recommendation by a Nikkei organization necessary?


A: Yes, it is required as we need to know the attitude of applicants in advance because we want scholarship recipients to optimally exploit what they have learned in Japan to ensure progress in their residing countries and regions. We also accept recommendations written in a language other than Japanese.



Q: When and where will the screening by interview be conducted?


A: It will be conducted in early October in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, etc. (planned). We will pay for the interviewees’ transportation for interviews held in Japan, and for transportation, daily allowance and lodging expenses for interviews held outside Japan.